Awards and Accolades

Awards and Accolades

By University Communications
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Jill Ramirez

Jill Ramirez

Congratulations to the following University of Arizona units and employees for recent recognition in their fields.

Jill Ramirez, coordinator of sustainability education for Residence Life, has been named the 2013 Champion of Sustainability for best modeling of healthy environments, social justice and strong economies in the residence halls. The American College Personnel Association granted the honor, saying Ramirez "has actively worked to develop opportunities for the students and staff to learn about the intersection of sustainability and social justice."

Hannah Lozon

Hannah Lozon, coordinator of social justice education for Residence Life, received the Innovation in the Workplace Award from the Society for Human Resource Management for the impact she has had on Residence Life employees and students. Lozon has focused her career on pushing students, colleagues and departments to think about privilege and oppression in their lives and their role in dismantling those systems.

Jeffrey Milem

Jeffrey Milem, professor of educational policy studies and practice in the College of Education, received the Contribution to Higher Education Award from the American College Personnel Association. The award recognizes a person who has advanced a higher education agenda through work at the institutional, regional, and/or national level. The recipient of this award is someone who, working outside the association, has contributed to the higher education landscape and has, in a meaningful way, enhanced the work done on college campuses and/or with college students. Milem's research focuses on racial dynamics in higher education, the educational outcomes of diversity, the impact of college on students, and the condition and status of the professorate – including the ways in which faculty effectively incorporate diversity into their classroom teaching.

The Arizona State Museum will receive the Alene Dunlap Smith and Paul Smith Award from the Tucson-Pima County Historical Commission. The award – the commission's highest – recognizes high standards of leadership, dedication, and a long-term commitment to historic preservation. The commission noted: "Throughout its 120-year history the ASM has clearly been a leader in preservation at the local, statewide and national levels." The museum will receive the award at a May 18 reception.

Nancy Odegaard

Nancy Odegaard, conservator with the Arizona State Museum, has been chosen by the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works to receive its 2013 Advocacy Award. She was selected for her "years of tireless conservation advocacy that have resulted in a nationally recognized program at the Arizona State Museum," according to the award announcement. The award will be presented at a May 30 program.


PTS Disability Cart Service

PTS Disability Cart Service

Parking & Transportation Services' Disability Cart Service has won the Excellence Award for Outstanding Special Needs Transportation Program, which is given by the Arizona Transit Association and the Arizona Department of Transportation. The award recognizes an outstanding provider of services for elderly people and people with disabilities, through improvements or innovations in operational efficiency and customer service. The Disability Cart Service made 11,418 trips on campus between July 2012 and February 2013. The service can pick up anyone anywhere on campus and get them within feet of their destination. It is free for students and employees.

Terry Smith

Terry Smith, real estate administrator and bioinformatics manager at the Clinical and Translational Sciences Research Center, has been awarded the ARCHIBUS Application Award of Excellence in honor of his application of computer technology to optimize reimbursements for research facilities funded by government grants, resulting in millions of dollars of cost recovery for the University. ARCHIBUS Inc. is a worldwide developer of real estate, infrastructure and facilities management software, which Smith and his team used to meet their business and regulatory requirements and generate higher-quality data for the University, ultimately resulting in the cost recovery.

Gail Browne

Gail Browne, executive director of the UA Poetry Center, has been honored with the Arizona Humanities Council's Juliana Yoder Friend of the Humanities Award, which recognizes people, organizations or businesses that have made a lasting contribution to the cultural life of their communities through their active support of and involvement in promoting the humanities. Browne led the capital campaign, design and construction of the Helen S. Schaefer Building, the permanent home of the Poetry Center, moving the operation from three small bungalows with most of the library books in storage into an award-winning facility. During her tenure, Browne has increased the scope and reach of programming at the Poetry Center, which has presented more than 1,000 poets as well as free or low-cost programs for the community.

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